Cecil B. DeMille
The Man Who Invented Hollywood
C.B DEMILLE - Novel and screenplay by
Robert Hammond

GENRE: Epic Biopic in the vein of The Aviator, A Beautiful Mind, Ray, and Walk the Line.

LOGLINE: Legendary director Cecil B. DeMille struggles against competing studios and his own vices to make Biblical epics and usher in Hollywood's Golden Age. Complications arise when his two mistresses threaten to destroy his family.

SUMMARY: C.B. DeMille is the story of Cecil B. DeMille, the famous Hollywood director/producer of such hits as Cleopatra, The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Show On Earth, and many others. We follow his career and life from 1913 to his death in 1959. His long-suffering wife, Constance, and his precocious daughter, Ciddy, play important parts when he is at home. Julia Faye and Jeanie Macpherson are his lovers and co-workers throughout his life. Adolph Zukor is the tight-fisted New York producer who goes from being DeMille's chief nemesis to greatest supporter. From the awards he wins to the celebrity deaths of those he knew, DeMille's life is filled with great vicissitudes. The story tells of how he almost lost everything due to mistakes that anyone could make and how he found his faith and the personal strength to keep his life together.

“This is the best script that I have read in the past year. There is a whimsy and lightheartedness about the whole piece which makes it a pleasure to read and hard to put down.”

“The pace of this script is fast. The action and dialogue flow very well in each scene and set up a compelling visual story.”

“The idea of bringing the story of DeMille's life to the screen is extremely intriguing and appealing. It has the potential of exploring a seemingly complicated man and his artistic vision.”